Digital identities are increasingly compromised through combination attacks on multiple identity services.


At a time when our reliance on digital identities is increasing, our trust in them is rapidly eroding.


The Confyrm Event Warning System (CEWS) restores trust by sharing privacy-preserving identity alerts providing early detection of digital identity risk.


Trusted identities rely on robust privacy, for the user accounts being protected, and the brands sharing account alerts…

Digital Identity…Confyrmed!

Confyrm Event Warning Services (CEWS)

Identity Event Alerts

Confyrm supports all identity technologies by providing an underlying infrastructure for sharing operational identity events alerts, in much the same way that electric and water utilities provide the underlying support for a city.
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The Sygnal Manager

As the core of the Confyrm Event Warning System (CEWS), the Sygnal Manager facilitates privacy protected sharing of identity alerts that enhance the safety of an identity ecosystem or federation.
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Use Cases

”[Confyrm] demonstrate how crucial the protection of our digital lives is becoming,
and that it has the potential to affect every Internet user, globally.”
”This solution enables individuals and organizations
to experience improved trust and confidence in identities online.”
– Zack Martin, SecureIDNews

Our Team

Andrew NashChief Executive Officer, Founder+
Andrew was Director of Identity Services at Google and Senior Director of Identity Service at PayPal. Andrew has developed consumer identity
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Dale OldsChief Architect, Founder+
Dale led development of the identity system for VMware's CloudFoundry PaaS and led the identity team for VMWare Workspace. As a Distinguishe
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Emma LindleyUK Director, Founder+
Emma has worked with regulators, government and industry in the identity space. Her focus is the intersection of technology, digital life, i
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David SkybergDirector of Engineering / Oprerations
From Privacy Enhanced Mail systems to Cloud based Identity as a Service solutions, David has been developing Identity products and engineeri
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Adam MigusDirector of Security and Operations+
Adam is an IT consultant with experience in network, software and systems security. Most recently Adam served as Principal Security Architec
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Confyrm in the News


GSMA, Confyrm, MorphoTrust selected for NSTIC pilots

The Confyrm pilot will demonstrate ways to minimize loss when criminals create…

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Retail Fraud:

Confyrm Event Warning Service to be piloted in the US

Technology company, Confyrm Inc announces that it has been selected by the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) to pilot…

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Confyrm receives NSTIC grant for CEWS

The pilot introduces a solution targeted at account compromise notification and fraud detection with special emphasis on consumer privacy….

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Confyrm’d IDs

Protecting High Assurance Commercial Identity Providers

The first Shared Signals Proof of Concept project has successfully concluded in the UK. The report (OIX Shared Signals Proof of Concept) was
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Peeing in the Paddling Pool
(or why your data breaches are screwing over our companies)

Peeing in the Paddling Pool[1] Cascading digital identity attacks[2] have been a real and present danger for several years now – the identit
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Once more to the breach …

  Today we heard that T-Mobile was exposed by a breach at Experian, one of the world's largest data aggregators. Experian provides data
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Email – the big risk

10 July 2015 Interesting information from two separate sources confirms what everyone has long suspected: compromised email accounts are a p
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Signals in the Wasteland of Authentication Disillusionment

Sharing Signals in the Wasteland of Authentication Disillusionment Dale Olds from VMWare describes Shared Signals for Authentication
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Confyrm Shared Signals in Google Keynote

Confyrm Shared Signals in Google Keynote Last week Confyrm was excited to have its signal manger technology showcased as part of a demo with
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Secure ID News Press Coverage

Confyrm selected for NSTIC pilot "Three new pilots that will support the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, the U.S. De
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