Once more to the breach …


Today we heard that T-Mobile was exposed by a breach at Experian, one of the world’s largest data aggregators. Experian provides data validation and credit checks for T-Mobile.

Online fraud continues to expand, and we need to implement checks and alerts that reduce fraud and keep us safe – in some cases we even have to be identified as real world individuals … but in many other cases sharing everything that is known about us is not a justifiable requirement.

It is time to change the  default model that assumes we always need to have all our information shared online!

In too many cases we insist that real world identifying information be shared, stored and compared for every minor online interaction. As long as we use credit bureaus and data aggregators as the basis of how we provide notifications, we will continue to create more of these problems.

It is time to stop creating targets of opportunity – to do that we need to dramatically reduce how much is shared about us whilst still working to reduce our exposure to online fraud.

Confyrm, is working to change that model, by distributing digital identity alerts that protect consumers but share the absolute minimum of information (in most cases avoiding any personally identifying information).

Protection of our consumers requires us to carefully limit how much is shared about them – it is possible to do that and still provide effective methods for online protection.

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